Proti Island

Proti island is a small island SW from the town of Marathopolis and about 2 nautical miles from there. It is an uninhabited small island with many places to dive around it.

The island Proti, the monastery of Panagia Gorgopigi. According to tradition, the icon was found on the seashore of the island. Interestingly natural terrain first. The island, which was base for pirates, there are remains of ancient fortifications and ancient inscriptions on rocks (in the "written").


Vourlia is a beautiful cove in the east side of the island. It is perfect for a check dive cause of the pool conditions in the area the blue crystal waters and the present of a 40m WW2 wreck in the middle called Anouar. The wreck is at 5 meter depth only. We make the overview and after the dive become a nice wall dive with corals and sponges on the wall.

HAZARDS:The dive site has a lot of touristic activity so many boats are passing over. The distance between the wreck in the middle of the cove and the wall must include buoy.

XP level: All

Max Depth: 12 meters


Tiganakia is a Wall & Cavern dive on the east part of the island. A lot off Mediterranean corals and sponges covers the wall. This site has lobsters and other fishes and the divers can penetrate in some caverns and admire thousands of shrimps on the walls inside, so many that they give the illusion of moving wall.

HAZARDS:Sometimes strong currents in the area must evaluated before the dive by the divemaster or instructor to decide the entry and exit point of the dive.

XP level: OWD with 15 logged dives

Max Depth: 25 meters

Blue Hole

Blue hole is a just amazing dive on the SW part of Proti island. One more Wall and Cavern dive to explore among big colorful rocks that creates a maze. The morphology is unique. You begin your dive in a small cove and during the dive you pass from a cavern (4m) to the next cove. You will visit a room with stalactites over the cavern between the two coves where you can take very nice photos. It is an easy dive for all levels and very exciting one.

HAZARDS: It is an easy dive for all divers. A slow ascent time to reach the stalactites room is recommended to avoid head injuries from the stalactites.

XP level: OWD with 15 logged dives (recommended)

Max Depth: 30 meters

Callens Valley

Callens valley is a Wall dive behind Proti island. The visibility like everywhere else is very high. Usually 30m. Sometimes but not very often dolphins approach the area. If you are lucky you may see some. So look around for dolphins!

HAZARDS: It is a deep dive so the diver must follow the safety standards and procedures very carefully.

XP level: All

Max Depth: 25 meters

Beacon Cove

Beacon cove is under the beacon of the island. Here is the shelter of many fishes! Cause of the morphology of the bottom, local fishermen’s cannot access here. It is a wall dive and the divers here can see many beautiful of all sizes fishes. It is a very good dive but the xp level is higher cause of the depth.

HAZARDS:It is a deep dive so the diver must follow the safety standards and procedures very carefully.

XP level: AOWD and higher

Max Depth: 40 meters